Quebec road trip

Quebec is a great whitewater area, it has everything. Big waves, good creeks and lots and lots of water. We had a great trip hitting habitat 67, lachine rapids, chute de plasaince and Hogsback back in otawa city.
Cobra going down in chute de plasaince.
Happy summer days! so good to be in the water
hot chicks en Canada's day.


Rider of the year II

The Rider of the Year Awards celebrate and showcase the best in whitewater.  The event combines athlete submitted videos of hard drops and big tricks with nomination based entries for the premiere categories.
clean blunt on c-dub.
photo tino specht
El rider of the year, organizado por Tribe riders muestra las mejores corridas en aguas bravas. Los atletas suben sus propios  videos de difíciles saltos, grandes trucos, carnage...
Mira la lista de nominados a rider of the year aquí: NOMINATIONS
Aniol Serrasolses nomination
photo tino specht
Check the preview here:

Rider of the Year II PREVIEW from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.


Canadian cup 2011

Yeah life is still as great as always in the Ottawa valley! Last weekend was a busy one, we had the Canadian cup in Garburator wave. It was a bit foamie but lots of people show up to give their best, there was a lot of level with competitors all around the world. Everybody did great with many spectacular rides, big tricks... lot of fun! 

La vida esta genial como siempre en el valle del Ottawa! El fin de semana pasado estuvo muy ajetreado, tuvimos la copa de Canada en la ola de Garburator. Estaba muy pegajosa pero mucha se acerco a competir, mucho nivel con competidores de alrededor del mundo. Todo el mundo lo hizo genial, con rondas espectaculares, grandes trucos.... estuvo increíble!

waiting in the eddy with one of my favourites mexicans, fucking bruno!!
photo: matt baker
The judges
photo: tyler curtis
I had a few good rides on my preliminaries luckily getting in the finals on 4th place, then competed against freestyle master capos Nick Troutman, Stephen Wright, Devyn Scott and Joel Kowalski, yes kind of a freestyle worlds finalists except of me. 

Tuve un par de buenas mangas en mis preliminares, no se ni como metiendome en finales en 4ta posición, contra los capos del freestyle Nick Troutman, Stephen Wright, Devyn Scott y Joel Kowalski, una final llena de finalistas al campeonato del mundo excepto yo claro..

Joel Kowalski throwing a massive helix,
not too fair looking at the new boat he just got...
photo: tyler curtis
Tyler Curtis going for an airscrew
photo: tyler curtis courtesy
Buena onda Lalo!! nos vemos en Mexico!
In the end Nick Troutman won the senior k1 killing everybody else by far, sick job men! He was followed by Stephen, then Devyn, Joel and me. Dane Jackson won the k1 junior and Emily the k1 womans. Congratulation everybody, was a great event!

Thanks to Adam Scott and Ryan Whetung for making it all happen.

Nick Troutman arraso en k1 senior, seguido por Stephen, Devyn, Joel y después yo. Dane Jackson gano en junior sin problemas y Emily igualmente en k1 damas. Felicidades a todos, un evento de puta madre!

Gracias a Adam Scott y Ryan Whetung por hacerlo posible!

Canadian cup 2011 from SB Productions on Vimeo.