Peru in pictures part 1.

Our trip to Peru is almost over... just chilling out in Lima and getting ready for our next adventure ! The experience has been insanely awesome, over a month of non stop paddling all over Peru. 

We paddled the Urubamba, Apurimac, Huallaga, Sacsara, Santa Maria, Lucumayo & Villcabamba. 
What I've loved the most about Peru it's how savage this country is... crazy roads on the highest mountain passes, the deepest gorges and the wildest truck drivers out there...  

Check out some pictures of my trip! Big thanks to Albert Aixas and Eric Parker for this sweet pics!

beautiful views from the plane
we rented a truck and drove straight to Cuzco
I love the top section of the Urubamba ! There's some serious bad-ass rapids out there!
boofing somewhere in the Abysmo !
my new favorite thing to do. jump off cliffs doing backflips and gainers !!
good times camping in the Apurimac

1st day camp in the Huallaga !
way too high to drop in to the gorge !

about to finish the savage hike back to civilization...
 the village of Paccha all excited to see where we had been

gainer !

urubamba read-run for miles !!

welcome to siphon city !
EG & Parker having fun on the Apurimac

the lion making it back to the village !

awesome camping in the Apu !
awesome big water rapids in the Huallaga !