getting back on shape!!

I am slowly coming back to where I was before the injure. Occasionally we been having some water in Sort but not much and just for a few days. I've done more slalom in this last 2 weeks than in my whole life and I have to say it's really fun and difficult... so much to learn.

photo: Aixas
the crew in Galicia
going for a lower noguera descent with Aixas and Aran! good times
trying to run some stuff backwards!! pretty fun!
my dog has been one of the best friends on my recovery... always going for walks and stuff!

local kayaker Ian all frozen !! we been paddling with really cold temperatures some days.
fixing up broken paddles
Off to Mexico

my mum !! who has always been there helping me out !! LOVE YOU!! 
new and best mount I ever had!!! Gracias Mikel!!!
watching a kayak video on the plane !! nice!!

In Mexico (Tutxla) now waiting for the rest of the team to fly In and off to Chiapas we go!!! Really exciting days coming up!! more soon!