Vídeo Cursos SBP

A continuación os dejamos con el vídeo final de los cursos realizados este año en el Noguera. Muchas gracias a todos los participantes y esperamos que os guste. Os esperamos el año que viene!

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Thank god I am alife!

When you live unbound you free yourself from your limitations and have
the courage to follow your intuition even when it leads you into the
unknown. It feels risky but you wake up excited everyday, as your
desires guide you to new adventures.


Aniol Serrasolses highlights (2011)

During the last year Aniol Serrasolses has been on a quest to explore the amazing world that we have out there. Follow his kayaking adventures through Mexico, Chile & Argentina. Aniol is an adrenaline hunter always looking forward to live life to the fullest and have new experiences!
Aniol Serrasolses highlights (2011) from SB Productions on Vimeo.

Recorded with: 7D & Gopro HD
Nomade (Tino Specht)
Bombflow (Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist, Logan Grayling, Anton Immler)
River roots (Rush Sturges, Matt Baker)
Serrasolses bros productions (Gerd & Aleix Salvat)
Follow the river (Lachie Carracher)
Nick troutman
Juanito de ugarte

Edited by:
Aniol Serrasolses

Aniol is sponsored by sweet protection, dagger, astral buyoancy, tribe riders

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Lower Rauma

After some good days of kayaking around the Sjoa area we are finally heading to the mecca of whitewateer in Norway, Voss. The rivers are bigger and pushier here. I got to run the lower Rauma today and it was full on, short section of 2 km. that has some amazing drops and slides! The lines are clear but hard sometimes.  enjoy some shots!
my life in Norway is easy! eat, kayak & sleep! photo aniol serrasolses 

mathias on the first rapid of the lower rauma. unluckily for him he broke his nose on this one... yes .. once again!

myself on the 2nd drop of the rapid, a perfect 20 footer! photo: mathias fossum
going down the third rapid.  photo: mathias fossum   

boofing the fifth drop. photo:aniol serrasolses
myself on the rapid before Flemming's drop. photo: mathias fossum
gopro shot of the lip at Flemming's drop a super sick 60 footer with a good and challenging entrance!
since I watched my first kayak videos I always wanted to see this place by myself and maybe ran it... well here I am 8 years later running Flemming's drop! photo: mathias fossum

amazing landscape on our way to Voss. photo: aniol serrasolses
stoked at the bottom of the drop of my dreams! photo: mathias fossum


Spring time teaser

A short teaser of our spring time in Spain. Rivers have been running at perfect flows providing great runs and amazing times for the serrasolses brothers and company. Follow them as they roadtrip around their home in the pallars sobirà, aragon and france.
Spring time teaser from SB Productions on Vimeo.


Aniol Serrasolses wins the Pallars & Trøndelagsrunden extreme races

The last weekend we had the 4th extrem race in the pallars sobira. Great weather, really good water levels and an amazing course!! First day we had the team race where we took the 2nd place together with my brother Gerd and Aixas, I fucked way too many lines slowing them down a lot. The basque team took the first place. 
pallars family!
following aixas down the olla!
sexy ass kayakers!
 The second day we had the finals on the extasis section a 500 meter rapid into a deep gorge. was great to have the finals on such a sick section!!! I won the sprint followed by Alberto and my bro Gerd who had the same time!
stoked with my new paddle!!
esa paella rica!!!
 Next race was in Trøndelagsrunden the 2nd norweigan cup where I luckily won with two solid runs.

Foto: Jon Brekke
 Foto: Jon Brekke
Foto: Jon Brekke
foto: Jon Brekke
ph:  Kenneth Devik
Really happy with the results on this last races and looking forward to get better on extreme racing!

#     Navn                         Total     NWC Poeng
1     Aniol Serrasolses      2.57.83     30
2     Julian Stocker            3.03.59     29
3     Sondre Bjørnbet        3.04.36     28
4     Jonny Haugen           3.07.56     27
5     Dag Sandvik              3.09.17     26
6     Jeff Colgrove             3.19.07     25
7     Jack McDonald          3.21.24     24
8     Øyvind Festø             3.21.90     23
9     Lars Joramo              3.40.40     22
10   Matthew Armstrong   3.42.05     21
11   Torkel Lian                 3.55.07     20
12   Mathias Hatlestad      3.58.45     19
13   Marcus Sandquist      DNF     

1st week in Norway

I have arrived to Norway 6 days ago. I always wanted to visit this country but never had the chance, now together with my good friend Mathias Fossum I am getting to paddle some of the rapids that I always have seen on the videos. I have jumped on his van and we are roadtripping all around norway, during this 6 days we have paddled over 9 rivers and competed in the norweigan cup at trøndelagsrunden where I took the first place with two good runs...The weather is cold but nobody really cares because the kayaking is just too good! enjoy some great pictures from my friend Mathias! loving it here more to come soon!
running the crazy slide of Norgasmo! luckily I had a good line and didn't flip but it was all out of control and super fast!

last drop of what could be one of the steepest sections in norway
another one of the many perfect waterfalls
getting my bow down on the 30 footer
running "big girl" a 1st d by marianne something like 10 years ago. sick drop and section!
another sick drop in telemark
my first rapid in norway!

Super stoked on my trip so far! stoped smoking and super focused on kayaking now ! lot of good things coming up soon!!!
photos by mathias fossum!! thanks papa!