Portugal & Gali winter edit

Been wanting to go to Portugal the whole winter season with prime levels for entire months but no-one to go with I was going crazy!!! Finally some friends arrived from their winter trip to Chile and we were able to meet up and make a short trip there and get some paddling done!
panadeiro slide providing!
My favorite river in Portugal, the Catro Laboreiro was at the low side and had a lot of mank between some of the rapids, but the main rapids where as cool and fun as always.

16 years old Ian running the third main rapid on the upper Castro
all stoked with the new RB helmets!
1st rapid after 6 months injured!! feels so good!
myself enjoying the best feeling in the world!!
Maxime on the last waterfall
myself on the second biggest drop of the run
it's all granite rock and pure fun rapids on the castro!
full happiness after running a few drops with 0 pain on the back!!
We decided to head north in the search of something more juicy to go run. Luckily for us we found this beautiful slide all good to go at the highest I've ever seen it. 
1st run of one of my favorite slides here in spain

Didn't run the entrance because I need to take it easy this first months and can't risk a swim or getting a bad hit.. but little young Ian was feeling fired up so he went for it. He missed his boof at the top and went all the way down upside-down... one of the craziest carnages I've ever seen... luckily he was wearing a full face and was all right just a little inflammation on the right hand + waterfall neck.. The boat got super stucked a few meters after the slide and couldn't get it back till next morning.

Ian giving it!
la cobra style!!
top view of the mess!!