Peru in pictures part 2.

It’s been a few months since we left Perú but I still get some good memories when i think about it...  I love this place, the culture, the food, the multi-days… stoked to come back next year for more !
Here you got some epic Pictures from my good friendo Eric Parker, an epic adventure photographer from Jackson Hole, USA. A few of those where featured on the RB adventure channel website check it all out here: VIDEO

beautiful views inside the Abysmo !
the whole team all stoked after our 2nd lap on the Abysmo!
beautiful Abancay at night !
fun day riding bikes on the hills of the Urubamba valley !
all smiles !

super stoked with this day. mountain biking is bad-ass !

parker all fucked up after an awesome night deep in the abysmo... mosquitos are bad in these gorge !!
so smart that we rented a Hilux for our trip to Peru... this car is the shit !
nap time !!

nice house that we stayed while hiking out of the Huallaga
beautiful views on the Huallaga... all time hike-out !
big water rapids in the Huallaga.. this river at this flow is next level !
sick rapid that I run on the Huallaga before losing my boat downstream...
all dirty after the biggest hike out of my life
enjoying some good camping time in the abysmo

what a place !
la muela !

Bad-ass camp spot before getting into the abysmo gorge !

dropping into the abysmo !

sick boof!

the team about to put-in for the last push in the abysmo !

one of my favorite boofs in the abysmo !
the insane mountain passes of peru... roads in these place are so crazy !
siphon city !

chilling with EG the killer !

sick first D on the Sacsara river !

machete !

thank you all for these good times in Peru !! And specially E Parker for all this epic photos !


Peru in pictures part 1.

Our trip to Peru is almost over... just chilling out in Lima and getting ready for our next adventure ! The experience has been insanely awesome, over a month of non stop paddling all over Peru. 

We paddled the Urubamba, Apurimac, Huallaga, Sacsara, Santa Maria, Lucumayo & Villcabamba. 
What I've loved the most about Peru it's how savage this country is... crazy roads on the highest mountain passes, the deepest gorges and the wildest truck drivers out there...  

Check out some pictures of my trip! Big thanks to Albert Aixas and Eric Parker for this sweet pics!

beautiful views from the plane
we rented a truck and drove straight to Cuzco
I love the top section of the Urubamba ! There's some serious bad-ass rapids out there!
boofing somewhere in the Abysmo !
my new favorite thing to do. jump off cliffs doing backflips and gainers !!
good times camping in the Apurimac

1st day camp in the Huallaga !
way too high to drop in to the gorge !

about to finish the savage hike back to civilization...
 the village of Paccha all excited to see where we had been

gainer !

urubamba read-run for miles !!

welcome to siphon city !
EG & Parker having fun on the Apurimac

the lion making it back to the village !

awesome camping in the Apu !
awesome big water rapids in the Huallaga !