Riding the goods in Mexico

After a lot of time surviving in Canada I finally got to come back to my favourite place on the world for creeking it’s cheap and sunny down here, this country just fits perfectly with me.
bukaki put-in
I am here together with team compadre Mathias Fossum #papa#   and the resto f the Sauvage crew, consisting on Tino Specht from America, Lachie Carracher from Australia, the peruans daniel and Juanito, and the frenchie Jules dominic we are having a great time, paddling everyday amazing waterfalls, sick sections and enjoying the pleasure of be travelling with a group of good friends just doing what we love: KAYAK!
7 sisters, lower tomata gorge
 We pretty much have run all the classics in the Tlapacoyan area just Messing the Ahuacate section and the lower truchas wich we will be able to do soon I hope.
stoked at the bottom of tomata I
I am really excited about my new projects, Tino Specht is recording the next unknown episode on me, this is a 15 min online video that shows the lifestyle that I am living and some great kayaking footage freestyling in canada and creekboating in Mexico., I really think is going to be great, teaser coming up soon!
tomata I sequence made by my friend Lachie Carracher 
dropping into tomata 1 
freefalling down with perfect angle
stomping tomata on my favourite line
tomata 2 from the seal-lunch, crazy out of control!
tomata huckfest crew!