Surf kayaking Premia de mar

After 6 long months away of the water because of injuries, yesterday I was finally able to paddle! Very early on the morning I catched one of the best sessions of my entire life in “la Salle Beach” next to Barcelona. Nobody else on the water, great waves, lots of whipe-outs, some Freestyle Tricks and 6 hours of pure enjoyment!!! I was needing a day like this!!!

flooded access in to the beach!

Después de 6 meses apartado del agua por lesiones varias,  ayer al fin pude volver a remar.  Muy pronto por la mañana pille una de las mejores sesiones de mi vida en la playa de “ la salle” en Premia de mar. Nadie mas en el agua, unas olas buenísimas, muchos revolcones, algunos truquitos de Freestyle y 6 horas de pura diversión!!! 
el acceso a la playa estaba totalmente inundado!!

going for a helix!
that moment when you totally eat it!! 
barely making it in to the safe area!

perfect day with tons of waves and great and warm weather

love to get massive kick flips crossing the wave

going for a smooth clean blunt! didn't want to throw much freestyle tricks anyway
 because of hard landings but the only fact to be on the water without any pain
 for 6 long hours was  the best feeling I've had on my last 6 months!!
boof It or get beat down!

Stoked to get more and more in to the water! 2012 was hard for me with some bad injuries... but I am really hungry for this upcoming 2013 and never felt so motivated about  kayaking, shooting videos and competing!! Here we go!!

all photos by Pau Casanovas. Thanks!

Serrasolses bros 2012 reel!