Aniol Serrasolses wins the Pallars & Trøndelagsrunden extreme races

The last weekend we had the 4th extrem race in the pallars sobira. Great weather, really good water levels and an amazing course!! First day we had the team race where we took the 2nd place together with my brother Gerd and Aixas, I fucked way too many lines slowing them down a lot. The basque team took the first place. 
pallars family!
following aixas down the olla!
sexy ass kayakers!
 The second day we had the finals on the extasis section a 500 meter rapid into a deep gorge. was great to have the finals on such a sick section!!! I won the sprint followed by Alberto and my bro Gerd who had the same time!
stoked with my new paddle!!
esa paella rica!!!
 Next race was in Trøndelagsrunden the 2nd norweigan cup where I luckily won with two solid runs.

Foto: Jon Brekke
 Foto: Jon Brekke
Foto: Jon Brekke
foto: Jon Brekke
ph:  Kenneth Devik
Really happy with the results on this last races and looking forward to get better on extreme racing!

#     Navn                         Total     NWC Poeng
1     Aniol Serrasolses      2.57.83     30
2     Julian Stocker            3.03.59     29
3     Sondre Bjørnbet        3.04.36     28
4     Jonny Haugen           3.07.56     27
5     Dag Sandvik              3.09.17     26
6     Jeff Colgrove             3.19.07     25
7     Jack McDonald          3.21.24     24
8     Øyvind Festø             3.21.90     23
9     Lars Joramo              3.40.40     22
10   Matthew Armstrong   3.42.05     21
11   Torkel Lian                 3.55.07     20
12   Mathias Hatlestad      3.58.45     19
13   Marcus Sandquist      DNF     

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