Lower Rauma

After some good days of kayaking around the Sjoa area we are finally heading to the mecca of whitewateer in Norway, Voss. The rivers are bigger and pushier here. I got to run the lower Rauma today and it was full on, short section of 2 km. that has some amazing drops and slides! The lines are clear but hard sometimes.  enjoy some shots!
my life in Norway is easy! eat, kayak & sleep! photo aniol serrasolses 

mathias on the first rapid of the lower rauma. unluckily for him he broke his nose on this one... yes .. once again!

myself on the 2nd drop of the rapid, a perfect 20 footer! photo: mathias fossum
going down the third rapid.  photo: mathias fossum   

boofing the fifth drop. photo:aniol serrasolses
myself on the rapid before Flemming's drop. photo: mathias fossum
gopro shot of the lip at Flemming's drop a super sick 60 footer with a good and challenging entrance!
since I watched my first kayak videos I always wanted to see this place by myself and maybe ran it... well here I am 8 years later running Flemming's drop! photo: mathias fossum

amazing landscape on our way to Voss. photo: aniol serrasolses
stoked at the bottom of the drop of my dreams! photo: mathias fossum

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