Todo big Banana best section ever!

Big Banana is one of my favourite sections in the world, deep inside the jungle of Veracruz river combines some of the cleanest waterfalls and rapids you can ever find. This year we have run it for 7 times, always running every single rapid. Todo big banana’s are the best!
Enjoy a few sick gopro shots that shows the section!
1st drop of the run
slide in to deep gorge
silence drop!  
Check out this sequence where I make the last eddy in the left, almost going over the waterfall backwards and in to the bad left cave.

meat-locker, coolest rapid ever...
that's how you wanna end meat-locker
boofing the shit out of it!

the most dangerous rapid of the run, boof or drawn!
the beautiful 20 footer
same drop different angle!
backfreewheel on the last rapid
having fun on the alseseca! if you never paddled this river you don't know what you missing!

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