Pyrenees stories #2

Spring in Spain is pretty much over or at least it is for me. It’s been a really good one, long and with lots of different levels. I got to see some rivers higher than ever and I am pretty sure it’s going to be hard to see any of those runs with the same flood. But I am a little bummed that we didn’t go as hard as we could and we didn’t get the best of a season wich was unbelievable talking about water levels.

some high water Noguera so good to boof some waves and throw some kick flips!!
This is a list of what we been running:
- 50+ runs on  the Upper noguera (70+ creppes) + 30x Muleta - Pontdepedra
- 8x runs on the Palomeres
- 5 x runs on the Arreu
- 3x runs on the Boavi
- Cinqueta (3x red gorges + 1x classic + 1x upper upper cinqueta)
- Ara (5 x Bujaruelo + 1x Torla-Broto)

high ass water in the Romadriu. this thing was scary!!
the first drop in the Palomeras. so much fun!
boof that curlier!!
this avalanche has been blocking the first drop of the palomeras for so long... but as soon as there was enough space to go under it we gave it a go!! 
la lanzadera en el rio Arreu.
stomping la creppe! this year I took a massive beatdown + swim doing some bad downriver freestyle...

freestyle afternoon with the master Cristian Lamiel. bad-ass climber and freestyle kayaker who trained  me and Gerd and many other when we where at the spanish freestyle kayak team!

We had a crazy flood a few weeks ago and I almost lost my car when sleeping next to a river!! Super crazy experience !!! 
flooded Noguera!!

good times with the princess "aleix salvat" in the Bujaruelo section, rio Ara 

As you can see we haven’t done anything crazy or new this season but it’s really hard to do when you only have one other person to go kayak with. No excuses, you can still do it, but paddling without safety sucks. Big shout out goes to Marsal & Aleix for being the biggest pussies I have ever seen… barely paddling this whole spring and showing 0 motivation for this sport. FUCK YOU !!! 

the crew: Aixas, Aniol, Vilber, Edu Clapes  setting a record for the highest flow  the Noguera has ever been paddled.

extasis gorge in the upper noguera!
Got the opportunity to shoot a profile with Verve Audiovisual & Heli Films all around the Pallars area Rivers featured on the video are: Boavi, Palomeras & Noguera! Really excited to see how it comes out!

had a super good time filming with these people!! they are super motivated and crazy good at what they do!
la olla at 125 cm. Boof or get a good beatdown!
trying my first backflip ever. funny that I only know how to do them when I am sitting on a kayak...  
getting some sick shots with the Heli. 
another high water record run on the "Limbo" rio Boavi

Heli films are the sickest drones fliers I 've ever seen!! 
sweet 20 footer in the boavi!
Love paddling in the Pyrenees and getting to see all this amazing scenery!

getting into the third rapid of the upper Zinqueta
love this boof!
The Z in the rio Palomeras
I am in Norway now paddling/recording with the Substantial Media House & Pyranha team awesome to meet up with people who is just as motivated or even more about kayaking as I am.  Watch out for some sick footage coming out of this trip!!! 

some party time in Voss!
getting some EG lean in the Skjoli!!

Gracias a Albert Aixas, Alfonso Perez, Arnau, Marc Parra por toda la ayuda con el safety en la grabación de Redbull. 

Photos by Albert Aixas, Marsal de la fuente, Fred Norquist, Alfonso, Noe & Aleix Salvat. GRACIAS!

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