because when you run the shit... sometimes you get fucked!

Teigdal is one of the best sections I've run in norway. Lots of rapids, drops and sick slides. Not further than 30 min from Voss is my favorite one so far and got a lot of potential... still a super stout first D in there for the ones who want to go big and doesn't care about landing on a few rocks!
Mathias van!  the beast that has been moving all of us during this months in Norway! thanks so much Papa for your help all these days!!!

the 2nd slide of the Teigdal
Mr. Basso enjoying the 3o footer!
sammy killing Notter's drop. pic by mathias Fossum
Myself following. pic by mathias Fossum

It has been 18 days now since my accident on the double drop. I've been doing freestyle on the double drop for a few days before, getting back freewheels of the first and second drop, It did work out really good... So after we ran the whole sectionI stayed lapping the double. Level was good and I was sticking my lines. I  even got the double switch freewheel on my first try. For some reason I didn't stop after that, I did a normal run and then went for another one. another time in my life where I've done something that I should totally haven't. 
stoked before to go for the back to back freewheel. 
switch freewheel on the second drop. you have to be fast so after landing the first drop  you turn backwards and go for a sitchfreewheel! wooop! pic by nouria newman!
movie still of the same trick
walking again and again to the top of double drop. ran it like 14 times during the days it worked... probably one of the most fun rapids on earth but I wish I could go back and skip that las ran...
Jordalsevi big time! 
landing it  a little bit flat... 
Instead of just running normal I went for a switch freewheel of the first and didn't notice till the landing that I was a bit too much right. I landed flat against rocks, felt my ass breaking and my back receiving the whole hit of what it has been to date the biggest impact of my life… something insane…
I rolled up just before the 2nd drop and somehow had an all right line, lost the paddle on the impact and had to hand roll… running the second fall with the fucked'up back was savage… I knew since the first moment that something was wrong, they helped me getting out of there jumped on the bed of Mathias van took some heavy pain killers and drove straight to the hospital. On the first view of the x rays norweigan doctors couldn't notice any fracture or anything else...but I knew something was wrong. This last week I've done the MRI and they found out that i have a fracture on the L5, wich sucks but in the end might be better than a compression or having to do surgery.. I am super lucky to get a full recovery, don't know how many months I have to rest but gonna heal up this injury good! 

go pro shot landing the first switch freewheel.
sick angle from Dr. gnar of the double trick 
same crazy ass move on the river fuy, chile
Back to back freewheel! footage is sick! bomb flow 12 FIRE and also a good entry for the downriver freestyle on rider of the year awards!!!
Anyway I am staying positive and gonna do a lot of Gym before go back in my kayak, so I come back stronger than ever. This accident has made me realize how fragile I am. When I fuck up a line hard I always get injured that's because I don't have any muscle to protect my bones. Gonna change that and this fall In Mexico I am coming back on fire, big plans for that mission!!

Also check this interview with the Norweigan TV NRK featuring some sick freestyle on Jordalselvi! go straight to min 15 for it!

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