On the mecca of kayaking!

This last days around the Voss area have been absolutely insane!!! Haven't stopped kayaking for a single day since the day I arrived to Norway, the 28 of may… yes my body is tired but I can't stay away of the water.. this is just too good!!! some of the best times ever on the river! During the last week the rivers have been raising up and got the chance of running Teigdal, one of the most epic sections in Norway. I also been trying some freestyle on some drops that I've been finding on my way...  many runs on Brandset, Jordalselvi, Urdlanselvi… this area is just amazing so much staff to go paddle!!!

sick river on our way to Vows
having fun with Mathias on the disney land's for kayakers
1st round on double drop. pic by mathias fossum

same drop at super high water !!! amazing pictures by mikael gillis
everybody stoked at the bottom pic by Mikel Gillis
last run on double at even higher flows. the boils where massive here! pic by Mikael Gillis
all smiles after some good kayaking action! photo by mikel gillis
running the amazing rolling 70 footer on Eigsandal!

one of the great slides in the brandseth photo by benji hjort
competing on the team race together with ron and ramazza. placed 2nd ! congrats to eric who won the two individual races no problem!!! yeah!
Now it's raining like crazy so we might go back to telemark for some serious creek! make sure to check out this video wich features some of the best footage of the week ! enjoy!

Ekstremsportveko 2012- Todays Video- BEST OF from Vivi Sponland on Vimeo.

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