Pyrenees whitewater video

This last season back home has been amazing!! it seemed it was going to be a dry one, but late snow changed everything, providing us high flows during all the month of may! We got to paddle the alto noguera so many times and also hit some of the classics in aragon and the french pyrenees. Enjoy the second episode of serrasolses brothers productions. We keep getting better the more we shot so you can start looking forward for the Norweigan episode!! It's going to be sick!!
Pyrenees whitewater from SB Productions on Vimeo.

enjoying a solo run on the upper noguera at high flows

layin treats on the put in drop of Palomeres

steezee line on the slide in Palomeres

big chaos before leaving to norway
upcoming rockstars locals from Sort 
competing in the team race in the upper noguera
big paella on the pillars extreme race
go pro shot of the put in drop in the palomilla!

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